“Y Rhinog” Book To be Published Soon!

“Y Rhinog” Book To be Published Soon!

Hooray!  At last the new book is nearly ready for publication!  Should be available end September / beginning of October.  There will be a number of launches so watch this space!

The book is about the wild upland of the Rhinogydd, a mountain area north of Barmouth and east of Harlech where the few farmers still living here believe that there are less people living in this area now than at any time in human history.  The land is full of the remains of  human habitation that go back thousands of years.

Cerrig Arthur Stone Circle

The drovers crossed this high mountainous land on their way to London, taking about 3 weeks for the journey, staying at farms and inns enroute.

Blaen y Cae Ruined House

Industrial ruins of gold, manganese, copper and slate quarries litter the land where once hundreds of men worked that are now being colonised by nature.

Cefn Gam Slate Quarry

Writing this book has been a trial but worth it now it is done!  The 15,500 words required a great deal of archive researching to ensure accuracy for the historical information.   Also I had a great deal of help with the editing!

Rhinog Fach and Fawr with Old Barn


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